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Shot in Katyn:
Choroszewski Wladyslaw
born: 1907
son of Aleksander
podporucznik rez.
N 566/89; T 704; W1 376; T 86 Choroszewski/Chorowowski; M8 443; A 02375 Choronewski

Recipients of the Polish Order of the Virtuti Militari (1792-1992)



Please check the folowing sites for further details:


The Polish Order of the Virtuti Militari was established 200 years ago by King Stanislaw August Poniatowski as the highest military decoration for gallantry the Polish nation bestows upon it's soldiers for acts of heroism above and beyond the call of duty. The VIRTUTI MILITARI is equivalent to the American MEDAL OF HONOR or the British VICTORIA CROSS.

Born Died Name Address and Comments
Wincenty Ignacy Jedrzej Choroszewski

Jeden z organizatorow hutnictwa i gornictwa w Zaglebiu Dabrowskim
Parents: Wladyslaw i Amelia z Bohdanowiczow Choroszewscy.
Linia 'Sreniawitow': Janusz -Mikolaj - Tomasz - Szymon - Mateusz - Ignacy=Feliks - Wladyslaw=Ludwik=Antoni

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The geological coal deposits in the area of the Bug river and the Lublin region were discovered as a result of long-term research. First mentions of carbon occurance date from 1881, and were published in "Pamietnik Fizjograficzny" by W. Choroszewski. Later, Prof. J. Samsonowicz in 1932 postulates the existence of carbon deposits on the basis of geological examinations carried out in 1922-1929 in the area of western Wolyn and southern Polesie.

. . Stanley Choroszewski 1935 Ridge Road, Ambridge, PA, 15003-1035, (412)266-0540
. . Choroszewski, Ann as above
. . Choroszewski, Vickie A as above

The following were found via

Is Victoria the mother of Stanley and Anthony?
Are Wilma and Ann Marie related by marriage?
Is Stanley an ancestor of the Stanley above?



Name Residence

15 Aug 1896

May 1982

VICTORIA CHOROSZEWSKI 15003 (Ambridge, Beaver,Pennsylvania)

14 Dec 1925

8 Jan 1993

STANLEY CHOROSZEWSKI 15003 (Ambridge, Beaver, Pennsylvania)

9 Jan 1926

Jul 1993

WILMA CHOROSZEWSKI 15003 (Ambridge, Beaver, Pennsylvania)

1 Jun 1927

22 Nov 1990

ANN MARIE CHOROSZEWSKI 15003 (Ambridge, Beaver, Pennsylvania)

27 Jun 1928

29 Jan 1994

ANTHONY CHOROSZEWSKI 15003 (Ambridge, Beaver, Pennsylvania)
    Ruth Platek is the granddaughter of Anthony and Victoria Choroszewski - Ambridge, PA  
    Anthony Emigrated to the USA around 1917 from Bialystok
initially settled in New Jersey then moved to Pennsylvania:
Father of Walter A - Grandfather of Walter J
3 Feb 1918 Mar 1983 Walter A initially settled in New Jersey around 1917 then moved to Pennsylvania: 18224 (Freeland, Pennsylvania)
son of Anthony, father of Walter J
1953   Walter J Choroszewski 1310 Orchard Dr, Somerville,NJ 08876-4025 (908)369-6846
Nov 1997: My grandparents immigrated to the US around 1917 from Bialystok. I am a photographer and publisher in the USA - I was born 12/14/53 - Son of Walter A., and grandson of Anthony.
    K Choroszewska

K Choroszewska
360 Bay Ridge Av, Brooklyn,NY 11220-5315 (718)921-2990

63 Russell St, Brooklyn,NY 11222-4715 (718)349-8712
Is this the same person? Who has moved?
    Maria Choroszewska 5733 W School St, Chicago,IL 60634-4348 (312)794-1776
    Claudia Choroszewski Victoria, BC
    April 29, 1997: My parents and I moved from Poland to Canada in 1981. As a child my father grew up in Narew, Poland. Before my grandfather settled in Narew, he travelled extensively to some places like Brazil. So far my family has only found one far cousin living in Canada,
e-mail:swans [] or
Note: The river Narew flows not far south of Bialystok in the same region of east poland there is a place called Choroszcz.

There are two town on the Narew river: Lomza and Ostroleka.
The father of Halina Choroszewska, Dyonis Choroszewski, was born there and spent moch of his younger years in this region. Some of his family still live there. His oldest sister Maria Choroszewska-Chojnowska ended up in England after the second world war, with her eldest daughter Helen and her son Jan.
    Zygmunt married Justyna (nee Rakowska)
brothers/sisters:: Jozef ,Jan ,Zygmunt ,Janina, Leokadia
14 Dec 1914
24 Dec 1970
Stanislaw Choroszewski

son of Zygmunt and Justyna (nee Rakowska)
born: Porosle powiat Bielsk Podlaski
children:Edward Stanislawa Irena Teresa Barbara

4 Dec 1948
  Barbara Choroszewska born in Bialystok

Nazywam sie Barbara Choroszewska ur.4.12.1948 r w Bialymstoku ,teraz mieszkam w :10-203 Olsztyn,ul.Rataja 17 . Moje rodzenstwo : Edward ,Stanislawa ,Irena , Teresa . Ojciec moj Stanislaw Choroszewski ur. 14.12.1914 r w Porosle powiat Bielsk Podlaski , syn Zygmunta i Justyny z domu Rakowska , zmarl 24.12.1970 r. Rodzenstwo ojca : Jozef ,Jan ,Zygmunt ,Janina, Leokadia .
Barbara Zukowska z domu Choroszewska

    Kazimierz Choroszewski I4 Politechnika Lodzka
ul. Wolczanska 219/223 90-924 Lodz Polska
Telefon sluzbowy 42-313823
    Boleslaw Choroszewski
    Alfons Choroszewski 518 W Liberty St, Hubbard, OH, 44425-1783, (330)534-8646

. . Samuel Father of Mikolaj and grandfather of Jan
Father of ???????? and Grandfather of Antoni

Owner of Sawiciany (alias Polawkie) near Wilno
. . . .
. . Mikolaj Son of Samuel : Samuel-Mikolaj
Brother of ?????????
Father of Jan (John)

Owner of Sawiciany alias Polawkie near Wilno
    ?????????? Son of Samuel: Samuel-???????
brother of Mikolaja
Father of Antoni
. . Jan Son of Mikolaj: Samuel-Mikolaj-Jan
Father of Jozef

1735- Gives Sawiciany (alias Polawkie) to his cousin Antoni. (why? Sale?)
    Antoni Son of ?????????: Samuel-???????-Antoni

1735 - purchases Sawiciany (alias Polawkie) from his cousin Jan

it is probable that he was unable to pay off loans incurred when he purchased Sawiciany and therefore Jozef the son of Jan on the 12 March 1755 gets compensated with the sum of 3000 and the property of Dowiszki.
. . Jozef Son of Jan: Samuel-Mikolaj-Jan-Jozef
Father of Antoni

1755 - Received 3000 from Antoni from the sale of Sawiciany as well as Dowiszki (which was held as security against the original loan?)
Illukszta Lotwa
???? Antoni Son of Jozef: Samuel-Mikolaj-Jan-Jozef-Antoni

Married Urszula of Niekraszow
and had two sons: Sylwester i Ludwik.

moved from Lithuania to Bialorusko-Witebskiej GuberniiCounty? at Deneburgskim parish? . Returned to Lithuania 1820? (NB: his son Sylwester was born in 1816 in Lithuania). Court case re 'szlachectwa? 23 Lipca 1820. The property of Miciany was received in 18 Lutego 1828 ktore przyznano mu 26 pazdziernika 1828.

Illukszta in Lotwa is 15km from Dyneburga(Daugavpils)
Zmud, Litwa
???? Sylwester Son of Antoni: Samuel-Mikolaj-Jan-Jozef-Antoni-Sylwester

Sekretarz Gubernialny Secretary General in Wilno
Married Karoline Gosiewskich
Older brother of Ludwik
Father of Konstancia Ludwika (born 16.9.1850)
Father of Konrad Kazimierz (born 19.2.1853)
1824/25? 1 May 1884 aged 59 Ludwik Son of Antoni: Samuel-Mikolaj-Jan-Jozef-Antoni-Ludwik

Sekretarz Gubernialny
w Wilnie Secretary General in Wilno
Married Zofia Niekraszow (1836/37 to 21-Jan-1879) wedding on 28.1.1857
Son of Antoni (1785-????)
Younger brother of Sylwester (1816-????)
Father of Mary who died aged 2 ( 9.11.1857-31.12.1858 )
Father of Henryka who married Bronislaw Zajaczkowski 2.3.1891
Father of Ansbert (1866 - 1937)
Cmentarz: Wilno - Cmentarz na Rossie
1866 1937 Ansbert Son of Ludwik: Samuel-Mikolaj-Jan-Jozef-Antoni-Ludwik-Ansbert

First wife ??????
Second wife was Helena ((1888-1967) nee Hojer
Father of Leon (1917 - 1922)
Father of Geniek (1919-1919)
Father of Walter Eugeniusz (1922 )
Grandfather of Ansbert Michael(1950 ) and Richard Alan(1953 )
(had a sister:- married name Zajaczkowska whose son Witold died in Canada)

found using ukrainian and russian translation Ансберт Чорошевський (on bing and yahoo but not on google!)хорошевский-альберт-ансберт-людвигович
Khoroshevsky Albert (Ansbert) Ludwigovich
He graduated from the mechanical department of the Kharkov Practical Technological Institute in 1896 with the title of technologist.
Technician for the device of water supply (village Kostornoe, Voronezh province. 1897).
Junior Controller of the 6th Poltava District Excise Administration (Gadyach, Poltava Province, 1905).

Хорошевский Альберт (Ансберт) Людвигович
Студенты и выпускники ХТИ (биографический словарь)
Хорошевский Альберт (Ансберт) Людвигович
Окончил механическое отделение Харьковского практического технологического института в 1896 г. со званием технолога. Техник по устройству водоснабжения (с. Косторное, Воронежской губ. 1897). Младший контролер 6-го Полтавского Окружного Акцизного Управления (Гадяч, Полтавской губ. 1905).
См. также: Студенты выпуска ХТИ 1896 года

2010 Choroszewski
Walter Eugeniusz (Walter)

Son of Ansbert: Samuel-Mikolaj-Jan-Jozef-Antoni-Ludwik-Ansbert-Walery

born: Vilno Poland
died: London, UK
Son of Ansbert(1866-1937) and Helena nee Hojer(1888-1967)
Father of Ansbert Michael and Rychard Alan
1950   Choroszewski Ansbert Michael Son of Walery: Samuel-Mikolaj-Jan-Jozef-Antoni-Ludwik-Ansbert-Walery-Ansbert

Born:Oxford UK
Now resides:Gunnislake,Cornwall, UK
1953   Choroszewski, Richard Alan Son of Walery: Samuel-Mikolaj-Jan-Jozef-Antoni-Ludwik-Ansbert-Walery-Richard

Born:London UK
Now resides:Sevenstones,Cornwall, UK

Many thanks to Halina Choroszewska who provided most of the historical information on this page.

Halina Choroszewska
ul Suderves 47-20
V. Macinleviciaus g 47-20
Vilnius 50
Lietuva - Lithuania.
tel. 00-3702-452 080

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Email from: Walter Choroszewski Wed, 1 Nov 2000
Ruth Platek saw my calendars in a store (recognized the name) and wrote to me. She is the granddaughter of Anthony and Victoria Choroszewski - Ambridge, PA
Please correct my email address to - thanks!
Another interesting observation .... my birthday is December 14, 1953 I noticed TWO others with the same date
Stanly (Ambridge PA) in 1925, and Stanislaw in 1914 !!!

Emails (to be translated):

Subject: Lista Choroszewskich
Date sent: Fri, 4 Aug 2000
Panie Choroszewski
przesylam uzupelnienie do LISTY CHOROSZEWSKICH
Informacje od Jozefa Choroszewskiego syna Zygmunta i Justyny

Pradziadkowie: Jozef Choroszewski Zofia Choroszewska-zona
Zamieszkiwali we wlasnym majatku skladajacym sie z 60 hektarow lasow i okolo 40 ha ziemi ornej to jest kol.
Porosle nad rzeka Narew powiat Bielsk Podlaski . W roku 1863 za przechowywanie powstancow , zostali pozbawieni tegoz majatku i zostali wysiedleni. Wowczas zamieszkiwali we wsi Siemianowka rowniez nad rzeka Narew pow. Bielsk Podlaski.
W roku 1914 po opuszczeniu naszych terenow przez wojska carskie ,powrocil na swoj majatek tj.kolonia Porosle i tam mieszkali wraz z rodzina az do smierci pozostawiajac spadkobiercow. Rownoczesnie w tymze majatku mieszkali rowniez bracia Jozefa tj. Julian Choroszewski oraz jego zona Maria z domu Roszkowska, ktorzy rowniez byli wysiedleni za przechowywanie powstancow styczniowych.Rodzina ta podobnie zmuszona byla zamieszkac we wsi Siemianowka .

Dziadkowie : Zygmunt Choroszewski s.Jozefa i Zofii ur.w 1886 r we wsi Siemianowka nad rzeka Narew pow.Bielsk Podlaski.
Zona Zygmunta Justyna ur. w 1890 r we wsi Rybaki nad Narwia pow.Bielsk Podlaski. Jozef Choroszewski s.Zygmunta i Justyny ur. 26.02.1921 .miejsce urodzenia kol.porosle nad Narwia . Od 1941 roku mieszka w Bialymstoku. Leokadia Choroszewska corka Zygmunta i Justyny ur. w 1916 r. kol.Porosle. Obecne nazwisko Grygolec - mieszka w Slupsku . Wladyslaw Choroszewski s.Juliana i Marii ur. 1886 r we wsi Siemianowka nad Narwia .Potem mieszkal w Bialymstoku - nie zyje .

Michalina Choroszewska zona Wladyslawa c. Marcina i Marii ur. w 1889 r w Bialymstoku - tu mieszkala do smierci.

Wladyslaw Choroszewski s. Wladyslawa i Michaliny ur. w 1910 r w Bialymstoku - zona Paulina. i tu mieszkali do wojny tj. do 1939 r.

We wrzesniu 1939 roku zostal powolany do Wojska Polskiego i wyslany na front polsko-niemiecki . W czasie wojny byl w obozie jenieckim jako jeniec Wojska Polskiego w Niemczech .Nastepnie byl w lagrach sowieckich w Archangielsku na Syberii. Tam zaciagnal sie do armii Generala Andersa. Na froncie pod Monte Cassino zostal ciezko ranny.Potem przebywal w wojsku w Anglii. Z Anglii powrocil do Polski w koncu 1946 r. Do smierci wraz z rodzina mieszkal w Bialymstoku. Zmarl w 1981 r. Posiadal wiele odznaczen za udzial w walkach wojennych.

Zofia Choroszewska po mezu Komarzewska c. Wladyslawa i Pauliny ur. w 1936 r w Bialymstoku -tam mieszka.

Marek Choroszewski s.Wladyslawa i Pauliny ur. 1950 w Bialymstoku .Obecnie mieszka w Bialymstoku .

Irena Choroszewska c. Wladyslawa i Michaliny ur.18.07.1928 w majatku Widziki pow. Bialystok. Mieszka w Bialymstoku.

Bozena Elzbieta Nowik c. Ireny i Jozefa ur. 4.09.1949 w Bialymstoku .Mieszka w Bialymstoku .

Andrzej Choroszewski s. Jozefa i Ireny ur. 2.02.1955 r. w Bialymstoku .Mieszka w Bialymstoku .

Pozdrowienia przesyla Barbara Zukowska

From: "PLAST OLDREW Sp. z o.o." <>
To: <>
Subject: Odp: Lista Choroszewskich
Date sent: Thu, 20 Jul 2000 19:34:25 +0200
Organization: PLAST OLDREW Sp. z o.o.

Pan Mike Choroszewski

Dziekuje za wpis na Liste Choroszewskich .
Pewnie zainteresuje wszystkich Choroszewskich informacja uzyskana z
Biblioteki Jagiellonskiej ; cytuje "Istnialo kilka odgalezien rodziny Choroszewskich .Herbarz Seweryna
Uruskiego pt."Rodzina" ( T.II.Warszawa 1905,s.243 ) notuje linie kowienska
pieczetujaca sie herbem Jastrzebiec oraz wilenska z herbem Szreniawa ( Sreniawa) .
W "Polskiej Encyklopedii Szlacheckiej " ( T. IV, Warszawa 1936, s.361 )
wystepuje ponadto rodzina Chorowskich ( Choroszewskich ) herbu Belty
z Chorowa ostrogskiego."

Ponadto Biblioteka Jagiellonska przeslala wizerunki wszystkich trzech herbow
wraz z ich opisem. Odbitki sporzadzone zostaly z "Herbarza polskiego"
( T.II.Lipsk 1839, s.100-101; TIV.Lipsk 1939,s.462-464; T.VIII, Lipsk 1941,
s.468-469 ) .

Postaram sie w niedlugim czasie przeslac Panu wizerunki tych herbow wraz z
ich opisem - obecnie mam slaba znajomosc skanowania dokumentu i przeslania go do
internetu .

tel./fax +48 (89) 526 43 78

From: "PLAST OLDREW Sp. z o.o." <>
To: <>
Subject: Lista Choroszewskich
Date sent: Sat, 15 Jul 2000 19:56:03 +0200
Organization: PLAST OLDREW Sp. z o.o.

Nazywam sie Barbara Choroszewska ur.4.12.1948 r w Bialymstoku ,teraz
mieszkam w :10-203 Olsztyn,ul.Rataja 17 .
Moje rodzenstwo : Edward ,Stanislawa ,Irena , Teresa .
Ojciec moj Stanislaw Choroszewski ur. 14.12.1914 r w Porosle powiat Bielsk
Podlaski , syn Zygmunta i Justyny z domu Rakowska , zmarl 24.12.1970 r.
Rodzenstwo ojca : Jozef ,Jan ,Zygmunt ,Janina, Leokadia .

Barbara Zukowska z domu Choroszewska




Other bits of information that may be of interest:
Niekrasz (Nekrach), Felix
Engineer, architect; Born: 1859; in: District of Wilno, Lithuania;
Address: Bydgoska 90, Torun, Poland; Father: Charles, municipal clerk
of Wilno and journalist; Mother: Hedvige Countess Soirska; Spouce:
Stephanie Jagozinska, pianiste; Education: Lyceum in Wilno, faculty of
architecture Polytechnical School in Lwów and Riga
There were two marriages between the Choroszewski and Niekrasz families:

Antoni Choroszewski (1785 - ????) married Urszula Niekraszow(???? - ????)
and had two sons Sylvester and Ludwik

Ludwik Choroszewski (1824/25? - 1884) married Zofia Niekraszow (1836/37? - 1879) on 28.1.1857
and had three children :Mary who died aged 2 ( 9.11.1857-31.12.1858 )
Henryka who married Bronislaw Zajaczkowski 2.3.1891
and Ansbert (1866 - 1937)

Zofia Niekrasz had sisters: one married Soltan. Moved to Torun or Poznan
Zofia Choroszewska (z domu Niekrasza) Cmentarz: Wilno - Cmentarz na Rossie

Karl Von Hojer - came from East Prussia, St Petersburg, Poltawa(Ukraine) Moskow. Married Anna from Michalina nr Warsaw.
Daughter Helena (1888 - 1967) born in Michalina nr Warsaw or St Petersburg lived in Poltawa (Ukraine) moved to Vilno in 1921.

Wladyslaw Choroszewski 1836-1900 lived in Grodno? school headmaster?

Michal Choroszewski wrote and printed a number of papers about spirital and moral learning in 1841 in Vilno.

There is a mention of Choroszewski dated 1620

Teodor Choroszewski info dated 1664

Piotr, son of Mateusz (Sreniowit line of Choroszewski family) , was in the army aged 50 in 1794
Sreniowit line: Janusz -Mikolaj - Tomasz - Szymon - Mateusz - Ignacy=Feliks - Wladyslaw=Ludwik=Antoni

Other names that appear: Andrzej Wolodkowicz (Ontario Canada)
von Kraus, Schpitzbartke, Wagner, Hartmann, Hoyer

Institute of Geophysics
Chief Accountant ? Miros³aw Choroszewski
ul. Ksiêcia Janusza 64,
01-452 Warszawa, Poland

Honour Roll Term 1 97/98
School District No. 23 (Central Okanagan) Okanagan Valley of British Columbia, Canada.

Choroszewski Piotr 
Rocznik 1969
I Liceum Ogólnokszta³c±ce im. Wojciecha Kêtrzyñskiego w Gi¿ycku

Franciszek Choroszewski
Port Moody

Urz±d Miejski w Augustowie mie¶ci siê w gmachu przy ulicy 3 Maja 60. W obecnej kadencji administaracj± SKARBNIK: El¿bieta Choroszewska

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